Denture Repairs

Returning your best smile

We provide urgent denture repairs and denture care

At Align Dentures we take care of your dentures at all times, whether in an emergency or as part of a regular check up.

We offer same day appointments and because all work is carried out in our premises we can return your best smile in no time at all! Give us a call today!

Repairs and Relines

Keep your smile looking natural and fresh with regular check-ups and ensure that your dentures fit perfectly, without discomfort or irritation to your mouth.

Dentures need to fit closely against your gums and ridges to get maximum suction for the best fit and be comfortable while eating and talking.

Even if the teeth colour and condition are perfectly fine, a reline or rebasing might be needed to put a new base on your denture to improve the fit and comfort.

While today’s denture materials are far more resilient than ever before, sometimes, either from age or due to a hard fall, dentures can break or get damaged. If this happens it is important to not try and repair them using household glues as these might complicate the repair process later.

We offer same day appointments and urgent repairs, with all work carried out in our premises at Ocean Reef by our owner and dental prosthetist Ken Munnik.

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